As far as the human physiology is concerned, water is the most vital element for the overall well being. It plays crucial role in all bodily processes by providing a universal medium. Dehydration is a condition, in which water in a living body reduces unusually, and it is likely to encounter in daily life. Dehydration impairs both physical and mental performance in a human being.

Our wearable band—Compass H2O monitors your hydration level and guides you to the direction of water source to prevent dehydration.


Compass H2O, always points to hope and will save your life under extreme situation.

1. A wrist worn compass that senses your hydration level and leads you to water.

Housed in an attractive, durable, waterproof, simulated leather wristband, Compass H2O is a hands-free GPS unit, a hydration sensor, and a water locator. Under the band are miniaturized arrays of impedance measuring electrodes that determine hydration levels.Huang, et al, 2012

2. A crowdsourced database of potable water sources.

Ironically, we anticipate that crowdsourcing will provide the best data for the areas least seriously in need. We’re confident that every water fountain in New York City will be quickly mapped, but far less confident about larger areas in the developing world. Compass H2.O will partner with geologists, water scientists, and local universities in an effort to create a truly global map of current sources of potable water.

3. A propopulated device for areas with no cell or wifi signals.

It is amazing what can be achieved with a cell phone in today’s world. Yet so many of the places we walk are void of cellular and wifi signals. By prepopulating Compass H2O with the latest water database for the area of travel, this device needs nothing more than GPS satellites to lead the wearer to the nearest water source. (or, if hydration needs are light, then to the best water source)

4. A low power device with multiple recharging options

Using a low power chipset and efficient LEDs, Compass H2O is a high efficiency device that can be recharged with a solar button worn on the walker’s shirt.

5. An open source platform for myriad personal and social compass apps in the future.

The initial focus of Compass H2O is indeed navigation and access to water. In the future anyone can use this open source platform to create a variety of Walking Tours, Social Compass Experiences, and many other applications.



This was a intensive two days project during Extreme Wearables Designathon (XWD)  sponsored by Intel. We formed a disciplinary team and developed this concept from brainstorming to functional prototype making. 



Our team won the 3rd price and was selected to present our concept at Wearable Tech LA 2014.



Please check our blog to see our process  



Research                           Sharon Gong 

Mock-up                            Vivia Liu

Digital Modeling           Joseph Kan

System Engineering   David Wang

Coding                              Samy Kamkar

CMF                                   Natalia Fedner

Runway Model             Glenn Zucman

Branding                        Susan Zhang

Poster & Video            Vivia Liu